The creation of the Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre (EFCHC) in Hangar 7 at the old Eagle Farm airfield site is an appropriate use for this heritage listed World War Two hangar.

Aerospace Heritage Queensland (AHQ) has recognised the public access benefits and promotional possibilities available for its member museums participating in the Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre project. As a result AHQ has adopted the Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre Project (EFCHC) in Hangar 7 as the main focus for its operations. The EFCHC facility based in Hangar 7 will provide an education and promotion focus point for aviation heritage within the main population centre of Queensland.

The Eagle Farm Aviation Society Inc. (EFAS) has been formed to progress the project with the Brisbane City Council, the current owner of Hangar 7. EFAS is working to secure the relevant lease for the hangar. EFAS will be responsible for the day to day management and operation of the facility.

While it is possible to view several historic aircraft preserved at locations such as the Queensland Museum at Southbank and at the new Brisbane Airport, currently there is no community owned or run aviation museum open to the public in Brisbane. The potential of this community heritage centre at Hangar 7 to provide a comprehensive aviation museum display for the people of South-East Queensland is enormous. The Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre in Hangar 7 will create a tourist attraction and will fill a tourism void that exists in the area.

The aim of this project is to create a community facility where AHQ member museums and participating groups from all areas of Queensland can provide displays to promote their own projects.

The EFCHC facility will also incorporate a Joint User Resource Facility (JURF) to be made available to local historical societies and heritage groups. The JURF facility will benefit all participating heritage groups by providing a single location where these groups can interact, share or acquire information. These groups will also have access to facilities that can assist with the furtherance of their aims and objectives.

The Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre in Hangar 7 will benefit participating groups by providing access to:-

• Display areas for the promotion of their activities.
• A library/archive accessible for research by the participating groups and the public.
• The opportunity for trading and sharing of information among participating groups
• Co-operative and cross marketing opportunities
• Participation in tourism and event promotions and the Heritage Trails Network
• Displays developed to complement school curricula
• Provide information on museum practice, restoration, conservation, training, marketing, funding and staffing.
• Facilitate the development of collection databases
• Meeting/Lecture/Training rooms will be available to participating groups
• Art Gallery
• Restoration workshops
• Storage areas
• Staff facilities areas

Over recent years many people interested in the Hangar 7 project have been drawn together under the auspices of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia, Queensland Branch (AHSA). The membership of the AHSA, Queensland Branch are very supportive of the project and continue to assist with the project development.

With all available public assistance and help, the Eagle Farm Aviation Society Inc. aims to set up the Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre based in Hangar 7. Representative exhibits will be drawn from participating Aviation and Military Museums throughout Queensland and will then be available for the education and enjoyment of the residents and visitors to the City of Brisbane.

Hangar 7 is located on the City Train rail line and between the old and the new Gateway arterials. The Eagle Farm Community Heritage Centre in Hangar 7 will be the main focus of the Eagle Farm Heritage Precinct which includes the three heritage listed sites on the old Eagle Farm Airfield site:-

The EFCHC site (Hangar 7) and the two other heritage-listed sites have been integrated within Trade Coast Central’s world class corporate office park currently being developed on the old airport site. More information there is available at http://www.tradecoastcentral.com.au/


Plan showing Eagle Farm Airfield including location
of Hangar 7 and the Allison Engine Test Stands


ATAIU - Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit AHQ - Aerospace Heritage Queensland EFCHC - Eagle Farm Cultural Heritage Centre
Eagle Farm Airfield Eagle Farm Women' Prison and Factory Allison Engine Testing Stands



Japanese Aircraft rebuilt in Hangar 7 at Eagle Farm by the ATAIU


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This page first produced 31 August 2008

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